Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Father’s Day, Father’s Day! What should I buy
To tell Dad that he’s a most wonderful guy?
He’s got a new tool belt, he just bought a hat.
He’s constantly saying we don’t need a cat.
Perhaps a new apron for working the grill?
There’s “Hands Off My Burgers!” or “Over the Hill!”
Or maybe these bow-ties—they’re five for a dollar!
They spin and shoot water from under your collar!
Oh Dad would go nuts for this mug, there’s no doubt!
“Number One Grandma!” (I’ll just cross that out).
Or maybe these tooth-picks! Or maybe this spoon!
I’ve been at this mall for the whole afternoon!
I still haven’t found a good gift for Dad yet—
Tomorrow is Father’s Day! What should I get?
Oh look! Oh it’s perfect! Oh what a surprise!
A dinosaur robot with laser-beam eyes!
Oh Dad will just love it, I’m sure you’ll agree.
He’ll wrap it back up, and he’ll give it to me!
And I’ll be so happy, and he’ll be so glad!
I love to go Father’s Day shopping for Dad!

1 comment:

  1. Have any of the rest of us ever done that? NAW!
    This poem's adorably funny!