Saturday, June 12, 2010

Planet of the Grapes

Behold the Planet of the Grapes!
So juicy and so round!
It orbited its mighty sun
And made a squishy sound.

Alas, its orbit grew too close
Around that distant star.
The only grape who knew the truth
Cried warnings near and far.

"Our planet has no solid core!
The center's soft and seedless!"
From vine to vine, he warned each bunch,
But all the grapes were heedless.

And so he built a rocket-fridge
And set the engines blazin',
And blasted off his baby as
The world became a raisin.

And, well, I guess you know the rest—
The fridge touched down on Earth.
It bore a bulbous baby of
Immeasurable worth.

As strong as twenty cantaloupes!
So dashing in his cape!
Protecting produce everywhere!
The mighty SuperGrape!

1 comment:

  1. Andy, your imagination blows me away!
    SO glad the mighty SuperGrape came to protect produce everywhere.