Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christopher Columb-ant

Climbing up the picnic table
Just as high as he is able,
Christopher Columb-ant’s here,
Seeking out the new frontier!

Other ants may mount a mission,
Try to plan an expedition,
Marshall mountains of supplies,
Sign peace treaties with the flies,

But to boldly forge ahead,
Risk it all for cheese and bread,
Only Chris Columb-ant dares,
Catching lunchers unawares!

On the promise of a dream,
Up he climbs the table beam,
Positive the new world waits—
Treasures piled on paper plates!

What he finds, this sparkling nation,
Far exceeds imagination!
Land of plenty! Land of gain!
Land of amber crumbs of grain!

Carrot sticks like redwood trees!
Boulders hewn from solid cheese!
Cookies piled like mighty mountains!
Freely flowing fruit juice fountains!

Canyons carved in crunchy crackers,
Left unguarded by the snackers!
Grapes and chips and sweetened tea
Far as compound eyes can see!

Chris Columb-ant heaves a sigh,
Wipes a teardrop from his eye,
Then signals back to the horizon—
Time to start the colonizin’!

1 comment:

  1. The Chief Explorer goes where no ant has gone before, and knows to do what is right for the whole colony. Go Columb-ant! Nicely done, Andy!