Monday, December 20, 2010

Office Christmas Party

It’s winter in the Haunted Forest,
Snow falls from the sky,
But ghosts are nowhere to be seen,
And not one ghoul floats by.

Two witches streak by on their brooms—
They’re just a little tardy,
And creatures hate to be late to
The office Christmas party!

The zombies from Accounting
Throw this party every year.
And all the Haunted Forest workers
Come to spread good cheer.

It’s always such a jolly time
Back in the darkest woods.
The snack-elves host it in their tree
With freshly made baked goods.

There’s lots of food for goblin’,
And the creature from the bog
Brings spinach dip with fetid cheese
And chunky-style egg nog.

If you prefer a different drink,
There’s always several sprites out.
They’ll fix and mix the pixie way
If you can get the lights out!

The minotaurs hang angels on
Their sharp and pointy horns.
The werewolves howl with laughter
As their cubs ride unicorns.

The vampires skip the meatballs—
All that garlic hurts their tummies.
The ogre children run around
And bother all their mummies.

It’s strictly a black-tie affair,
With most folks wearing tails.
The highlight is the sing-along—
The banshees raise their wails!

The screech out “We Three Creepers,”
And their favorite, “Silent Fright.”
The poltergeists moan all twelve verses
Of “Oh Howly Night.”

Then “I’ll be Gnome for Christmas”
Echoes out from down below,
And “Troll: The Ancient Yuletide Carol”
Closes out the show.

They all head home to sleep it off,
But just before they do,
They wish each other “Scary Christmas,”
“Happy New Fear,” too!

So join the office Christmas party!
Nobody will mind!
Oh even zombies, trolls, and mummies
Sometimes must unwind!

1 comment:

  1. Ancient Yuletide Carol sez: "This poem is so clever-in multiples! If office parties were this much fun, I'd actually attend!"