Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bee Mine

It’s almost time for Valentine!
I really hope that you’ll bee mine!
You make my heart float up on wings.
To bee without you really stings.
With you, my life is striped and fuzzy!
Bee my date, if you’re not buzzy.
What? You say you just don’t care
For bee-based wordplay everywhere?
Well, I don’t have to bee so punny . . .
Please just say you’ll bee my honey!
I’ll leave puns upon the shelf.
I promise to beehive myself!
No, wait! Don’t leave! My puns are done!
I’ve used each bee-related one!
I know that they were pretty bad,
So come have dinner at my pad!
I’m ribbeted when you are near!
I’m toad-ally in love, my dear!
Oh Valentine, my love’s no joke!
Without your love, I just might croak!

1 comment:

  1. Well, for anyone who tried so hard...I hope he heard a "YES" to his Valentine dinner request!