Sunday, February 20, 2011

Doggie Pants

A pack of little schnauzers
Wearing matching little trousers
Was a-barking and a-walking down the street.

Each doggie in his pants
Did a funny little dance
As he flipped and flopped his fuzzy little feet.

And the people clapped and cheered
As each schnauzer with his beard
Danced around like such a jolly little elf.

Oh, and while they were distracted,
Can you guess just what the cat did?
Well, he knocked down all the vases on the shelf!

And the vases smashed and shattered,
And the pieces crashed and clattered,
And the cat took off—he knew that he’d been bad!

Then the trouser-schnauzer pack
Ran around and circled back,
And they barked and barked ’til everyone went mad!

This story has no lesson,
If you look for one, I’m guessin’
That you’ll try and try until, at last, you fail.

But I hope you still enjoyed it,
’Cause I just could not avoid it!
Oh, it seemed like such a funny little tail!

1 comment:

  1. Oh it's a cute little tail, which I did enjoy!
    Well I, for one, will never take my eyes off of the cat,
    No matter what fun they're having--that "trouser-schnauzer pack"!