Monday, March 14, 2011

The Great Gusto!

See the Great Gusto! 
Come to the show! 
Feats to amaze you 
And make you say “Whoa!”   

She how he swooshes 
His long flowing cloak! 
Watch as his sleeves produce 
Gallons of smoke!   

Oh how his wand waves! 
It swishes and flicks 
As the Great Gusto 
Attempts all his tricks!   

He squinches his eyebrows! 
His fingers, he twitches! 
He mutters a language 
Known only to witches!   

His eyes lose their focus! 
He trembles and quakes! 
His legs start to jitter! 
His everything shakes!   

He calls on the spirits 
To come to the stage! 
He throws his black cloak 
On a bird in a cage,   

There’s a spark and a flash, 
But all that has vanished 
Is some of your cash.   

The tickets are pricey, 
They’ll never refund you, 
But still, the Great Gusto 
Has secretly stunned you!   

He can’t disappear you, 
He can’t find your card, 
But wow!  That Great Gusto— 
He sure does try hard!

1 comment:

  1. His feats made ME say, "Whoa"!
    Love it when "He squinches his eyebrows"!
    It's worth the price of the ticket,
    To see him try so hard!