Friday, March 18, 2011


Rusty's Steakhouse! Come on down!
Try the finest steak in town!
While you're eating, don't you budge!
You can be a pageant judge!
Once a year we take a break
And crown our very own Miss Steak!
She must be tender, never tough.
Slightly plump is lean enough.
Interviews are never wasteful--
Juicy questions, yes, but tasteful.
Sure, we grill them to a T,
But character's a must, you see!
Okay if she's slightly saucy,
Just so long as she's not bossy.
When we're done, we crown the winner.
Then you finish off your dinner.
Some will protest that we treat
All these girls like hunks of meat.
We still feel we're playing fair--
These complaints are extra-rare.
After all, it's all good fun,
And the whole thing's so well-done!
So come to Rusty's, by the lake,
Where pageants are a big Miss Steak.

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear, I'm afraid Lady Gaga stole her idea from you! How DARE she!