Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fool!

I’m planning out the perfect pranks
To play for April Fools!
The only day I get away
With breaking all the rules!

I’ve gift-wrapped every piece of fruit.
I’ve shorted every sheet.
I’ve done some things I shouldn’t mention
To the toilet seat.

I’ve hidden grandpa’s dentures
In my brother’s underwear.
My frog’s in Dad’s new briefcase,
I put sour cream . . . somewhere.

I pulled out the elastic from
My grandma’s favorite girdle.
I hope Mom likes her Lemon-milk—
It’s just begun to curdle!

And, just because it’s April Fools,
I crammed the riding mower
With all my week-old bubble-gum—
A garden bubble blower!

I never get in trouble!
It’s my favorite day each year!
What? April Fools was yesterday?!
I’m getting out of here!


  1. Thanks, it made my day!

  2. I hope this rascally poem with "that twist", only means that you are a most prolific idea man, and not an actual prankster. (No,I don't want to know!)(-;