Friday, July 1, 2016

The Failsville Mall

Every store is closing in the Downtown Failsville Mall.
Going out of business—every kiosk, shop, and stall. 
“Going Hatty”’s headed nowhere, “Shoe Shed” stepped outside. 
“Spice It Up” is out of season, “Chick-Fill-U” got fried. 
“Just Cigars” and “Pipe-O-Rama” both went up in smoke.
“Candle Island” made no scents, and “Window Heaven”’s broke. 
“Ugly Shirts and Mismatched Sneakers” never stood a chance,
Still, they held out longer than “Joe's Holey Discount Pants!”
“Cram-A-Cookie” crumbled, and the “Y” closed just because. 
No one seemed to want to know what “Victor's Secret” was. 
Even the McDonald’s closed—that’s rare as rare can be!
(Of course, this one was “Old McDonald Had A Pharmacy”). 
But “Bob’s Half-Price Store-Closing Signs” can’t keep ’em on the shelves!
If stores keep closing at this rate, they’ll never close themselves!

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