Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bob's Banned Books

Come on down to Bob's Banned Books!
We've got the books you need!
The ones your local library
Will never let you read!
But you can show 'em! Fight the power!
Stand up for yourselves!
Come right here to Bob's Banned Books
And buy them off the shelves!
There's "Growing Your Own Tarragon"--
Now there's a spicy tale!
And check out "Mountain Lakes That Look
A Little Like A Whale"
"George the Monkey Files His Taxes"
"Cats That Aren't Cute"
"Barry Popper and the Magic
Plagiarism Suit"
"Fifteen-Second Mysteries
A Parakeet Could Solve"
"Sweater Patterns That Are Bound 
To Tangle or Dissolve"
All these books they've tried to ban
Are stocked here at my store!
Didn't whet your appetite?
Well how 'bout several more?
There's "Christmas Comes To Steubenville"
And, not to be outdone,
"A Big Hawaiian Hannukah"
For twice the winter fun.
"The Pricing Guide for Oven Mitts
Embroidered with a Cow"
"A Thousand Wacky Facts 
You Could Have Google Searched By Now."
All these and more at Bob's Banned Books--
Buy now! You won't get caught!
(The former site of Bob's Deep Discount
Books That No One Bought)

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