Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eddie The Elf

Oh come hear the story
Of Eddie the Elf.
He cleans Santa’s stables out
All by himself.

There’s no songs about him,
No show’s that you’ll find
For the elf who sweeps up
What the deer leave behind.

He just grabs a shovel,
Holds onto his nose,
Then into the stable
He cheerfully goes.

He knows it’s disgusting,
He knows it’s no fun,
But he knows that it’s needed
And has to be done.

Without someone cleaning,
The team couldn’t fly.
They’d sit, so unstable,
All slouched in their sty.

But Eddie the Elf,
With his shovel in hand,
Ensures Christmas gladness
All over the land.

So this Christmas Eve,
Take a moment to pause
For the folks who clean up
After old Santa Claus.

You may never sing
Of a small elf named Eddie,
But chances are strong
That he’s helped you already.

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