Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Step Right Up!

Friends and neighbors, gather 'round!

Marvel at this man I found

Frozen here beneath the ice!

You may view him, for a price.

Just one dollar, gals and guys,

Lets you gaze with awe-struck eyes,

Taking in without a blink

This Amazing Missing Link!

Surely he, in days of yore,

Hunted on some ancient shore,

'Till the chill set in too fast,

Freezing him within the past.

Now this wonder, you’re in luck,

Can be yours for just a buck!

Step right up and take a chance.

Pay admission in advance.

Now prepare your fragile mind

For this most momentous find!

Stare into the iceman’s soul

Through his two black eyes of coal!

Mysteries and frosty charms

Linger in his twiggy arms!

Gaze in horror, curl your toes,

At his orange carrot-nose!

The surprise will knock you flat

When you spy his pipe and hat!

Feast your eyes, and feel the freeze!

And bring your friends--no refunds please!


  1. This surprising poem with a twist, "puts me in mind" of the "Minnesota Man", who was viewed for a quarter, under the ice, at a 60's Minnesota State Fair.