Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Thanks, Santa!"

Santa brings presents, Santa brings toys,

Stockings all stuffed for the good girls and boys.

Candy, games, dollies, and pink piggy banks--

But when was the last time you told Santa “Thanks!” ?

Santa flies all night to bring you each gift.

No one relieves him, he works every shift.

Squeezing down chimneys and giving away

Everything that he can fit on his sleigh.

How many people, though, write him a card,

Just to say “Thank you for working so hard”?

Or stop in again at his chair in the mall

To tell him his gifts were the best ones of all?

This time, this December, this end-of-the-year,

Thank Santa for all of your Christmas-time cheer.

Or spread some yourself every day, better yet.

Perhaps that’s the best thanks dear Santa could get.

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