Sunday, December 13, 2009

Possum Posse

Deep inside the forest,
Where the trees are green and mossy,
Lives a pack of nighttime bandits called
The Awesome Possum Posse.

When the other critters fall asleep,
The Posse starts its day,
Finding every kind of mischief
That can pass the time away.

First they sneak into each burrow,
Then, to prove that they’re no slouches,
They steal every critter’s acorns up
And hide them in their pouches.

Then each night, beneath the shining moon—
I swear, it never fails—
They do flips between the treetops
With their fuzzy, flexy tails.

Oh the risks they take! The daring deeds!
They make the senses swoon!
They annoy each fussy owl,
But inspire each raccoon.

If you wish, one day, to join them,
If they’ve made your spirits blossom,
Better start your training early,
And be good at playing possum!

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