Saturday, May 14, 2011

Can I Keep Him?

Oh please can I keep him?
He followed me home!
I’ll wash him, I’ll feed him,
I won’t let him roam!

I’ll make him a bed,
And I’ll clean out his bowl.
Oh please, let me keep him—
My baby Black Hole!

He won’t make a problem,
He won’t make a mess,
He won’t cause more clutter—
In fact, he’ll cause less!

Whatever you feed him,
He’ll never get full—
He’s got such a strong
Irresistible pull!

He won’t share your secrets,
However surprisin’—
They won’t travel on from
His event horizon.

He’ll keep me from sunburns!
He’ll eat every ray!
You’ll save on my sunscreen!
Oh please, can he stay?

You’ll try to resist him
To not let me win,
But look at this cutie—
He just draws you in!

My baby Black Hole
Gives me such satisfaction.
Just step a bit closer—
You’ll feel the attraction!

1 comment:

  1. Oh where, oh where, do these AMAZING ideas come from? No one else could have put this all together. I'm not ready for my own baby Black Hole, but I CAN feel the attraction!