Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Looked

I looked on the shelves and I looked on the floor.
I looked in the place where I had it before.
I looked in the crannies, I looked in each nook.
I looked in the back of a scratch-and-sniff book.
I looked in the car, in the house, in the park.
I looked where the demon trees glow in the dark.
I looked on the moon and I looked in the stars,
I looked in a field of electric guitars.
I looked in some places I oughtn’t to mention,
I looked in a fish from another dimension.
And then, once again, though I’d looked there already,
I looked on the Mountain of Mango Spaghetti.
I looked and I looked and I looked and I looked!
I looked ’til the universe almost unhooked!
I might look forever! It’s so hard to find!
How careless of me to keep losing my mind!

1 comment:

  1. ...but it's all for our reading pleasure...don't change a thing! In this case "losing" is "winning"!