Saturday, May 21, 2011


It's quiet in the woods tonight, 
A stillness chills the air.  
The wind is hushed, the moon is bright, 
There's silence everywhere. 

No rustling leaves, no chirping birds, 
No quacking of the ducks.  
No "Howl," no "Who," no other words, 
No squirrelly little clucks. 

But if you just keep listening, 
And if you're really quiet, 
You'll hear the starlight glistening. 
So go ahead, and try it. 

Just turn your ears up to the sky 
And breathe a little slower.  
It starts like chimes from up on high, 
Then sighs, and spreads out lower. 

And pretty soon the world around 
Is strumming like guitars.  
The trees, the roots, the air, the ground 
Are humming with the stars. 

So let your worries all disperse, 
And join them for a while.  
Just listen to the universe, 
And close your eyes, and smile. 


  1. Oh, Andy, this is just beautiful.
    I see you don't have to just be funny!
    I feel better, already! (-:

  2. I love this, too. I've recommended it to a friend of mine who is looking for thoughtful poems for kids.