Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Did You Know?

I bet you think you're pretty smart. 
You know a lot of stuff!
You've studied every list and chart,
But do you know enough?

Take, for example, honey bees. 
Did you know that they sing?
They hum a tune in different keys
For everyone they sting. 

And did you know the Eiffel Tower
First was made of rope?
A June bug lives for just an hour!
Did you know that?  Nope!

Abe Lincoln had a tiny bird
He kept beneath his hat. 
It wrote his speeches--every word!
Were you aware of that?

And did you know that grapes contain 
A tiny speck of gold?
And penguins chew on sugar cane
To keep from getting cold?

I bet you didn't know that worms
Blow bubbles on the breeze. 
A corn flake has three times more germs
Than in the wettest sneeze. 

And so, my friend, please stay in school!
There's lots that you don't know yet!
Like how to keep from being fooled
By such a silly poet. 

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