Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Midnight Pizza Fairy

Late at night you lie in bed,
Alert as any owl.
You try to doze off, but instead
Your tummy starts to growl.

There’s hunger deep inside you
Too insistent to ignore.
Then, all at once, beside you
Stands a tiny little door.

A burst of light! A rush of air!
(It’s just a little scary).
Then suddenly she’s floating there—
The Midnight Pizza Fairy!

Her arms are huge, her belly’s plump,
Her tiny wings are strained.
The apron tied around her rump
Is greasy, streaked, and stained.

“I heard-a you tummy make a wish,”
She tells you as you stare.
“I bring-a you out you favorite dish!
Now don’t-a you go nowhere!”

She leaves, but soon returns once more
With boxes stacked up high.
She sets them on the bedroom floor,
Then looks you in the eye.

“I didn’t-a know what crust you like,”
She tells you as you reach.
“So I go back and tell-a Big Mike
To make-a you one of each!”

The steam pours off, so wispy,
And the mozzarella gleams.
The thin-crust is so crispy,
And the deep-dish thick as dreams.

She grabs your cheek and pats your head,
Then keeps you in her sight
Until you sit up in your bed
And take your first big bite.

A wave of pizza pleasure
Shocks and rocks you to the core.
You gobble every treasure,
But your belly begs for more!

She floats off on her little wings—
They’re green, and not too hairy.
You wait to see what else she brings,
This Midnight Pizza Fairy.

She comes back with some garlic bread,
A cheese and pasta toss,
Then levitates around your head
Three tubs of dipping sauce.

A side of eggplant parmesan,
Then four or five strombolis,
Then for dessert, hot fudge sauce on
Nine chocolate-chip cannolis.

“Mangia!” yells the fairy loudly,
“Eat it and enjoy!”
As you eat, she looks on proudly.
“Such a nice-a boy!”

Then when your belly’s good and full,
And both your eyelids droop,
She gives your blankets one last pull
And says, “You want-a some soup?”

Then tucks you in and clears the dishes,
Vanishing from sight
Until she hears your tummy’s wishes
Call tomorrow night.

1 comment:

  1. And yet another surprise for us, from such a nice-a Italian Fairy from the old country.
    Andy is a wellspring of the new and clever.