Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yard Sale

I asked Mom and Dad for money just to buy a game.
They said, “No, you’ve got too many, and they’re all the same.”
Then they said that if I wanted, I could sell some stuff.
Get rid of things that I don’t need until I have enough.

A dollar for these underpants, a quarter for these socks,
Three dollars for these sneakers and this string of shiny rocks.
A nickel for this lovely pair of high-heeled leather boots,
Five dollars for this briefcase and eleven three-piece suits.
A dollar for each golf club and this exercise machine,
Buy four more things and I’ll throw in this giant plasma screen.

Oh won’t my parents be so proud to see how much I’ve earned?
I’ll never ask for cash again—my lesson has been learned!

1 comment:

  1. It's bad enough you sell your clothes right there at the yard sale...

    But you clevercatch us EVERY TIME.
    And laughoutloud, we have no choice!