Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bug Ball

Late at night, just once a year,
They gather in the dark.
The insects love to celebrate
The Bug Ball in the park.

They buzz on in from miles around
To dance and stay up late,
All dressed up in their finest clothes,
Each with a tiny date.

Mosquitoes in tuxedos
Make the ladybugs all sigh.
The Beetles play their music,
And the flies are lookin’ fly!

The spider brings some cider,
And the ants bring picnic food.
The lightning bugs blink on and off
To help to set the mood.

They slow dance and their compound eyes
Begin to glow and shine,
Until the centipede begins
A one-man conga line.

Then everyone picks up the pace,
The music starts to swing!
The fire ants all salsa-dance,
The wasps all do “The Sting!”

A honeybee got fresh once,
In the ladies’ room he hid.
Who told him to beehive himself?
Why, you know Katy did.

But usually it all goes off
Without a single hitch.
They dance and buzz and fly and hop
And roll and flap and twitch!

The buggies love their Bug Ball
On a summer’s night in June.
But they’re long gone before the next day’s
Bird Brunch Bash at noon!


  1. Easy to SEE your comic mind work, in this delightful poem. :-)
    Have MET your buggie muses in that warm 'Bama night, they love.
    Who, but Fire Ants, would pick up the pace with the salsa-dance?
    Mosquitoes in Tuxedoes, INDEED! Bye, bye, birdies!

  2. Loved the Bug Ball poem . Love, Dad

  3. Could not understand url or the others ,but it posted under what the hell