Sunday, July 19, 2009


There’s dishes piled up in the sink,
A soup stain on my shirt.
The dog’s been eating tissues,
And the bathtub’s caked with dirt.

My hair’s so thick and matted
That it broke my only brush.
The dust bunnies keep growing,
And the toilet needs a flush.

A grilled cheese sandwich hit the floor,
It’s smeared across the tile.
The baby’s needed to be changed
For quite a little while.

The drain is clogged, a vase just broke,
The van has a flat tire.
The basement’s underwater,
And the attic is on fire!

Mom and Dad said I should let them
Sleep in late this morning.
My work is done—when they wake up
They’ll take this as a warning.

1 comment:

  1. Mission accomplished, Andy!
    That'll "learn" 'em.
    They will recover, though,
    laughing at your poem!:-)