Sunday, August 22, 2010


I'm sending a balloon-o-gram,
A post card in the sky!
I tie a letter to a string,
Let go and watch it fly!

I'll never know where it may go
Or where my note will land.
It might fly to the ocean
Or an endless stretch of sand.

It might touch down in frozen fields
Or isles of tropic beauty.
The highest Alpine mountaintops,
The foothills of Djibouti.

But when it does come down again,
And when its journeys end,
I hope that you will take the time
To read the note I send.

It's traveled far across the seas,
It's ventured high and low,
And all it has to give you is
A smile and a "hello."

Oh please read my balloon-o-gram!
It's easy, fun, and free!
And if you need a brand new friend,
Please send one back to me.


  1. Oh, this is a beautiful description of the balloon's journey. It is charming, and feels good to read.
    Who wouldn't send one back to you!(-;