Sunday, January 23, 2011

Banana Burger Drive-Thru

Welcome to Banana Burger™,
Can I take your order?
You can try our Nanner-Fries™
For two bucks and a quarter.

Burgers are all made-to-order,
Picked fresh from the tree.
Oven-ripened, sliced just right,
And golden as can be.

Fifty-cents to mega-size
Your Chicken-Nanner-Strips™.
Value meals are served with choice
Of seven Nanner-Dips™.

If your family’s driving with you,
Treat them all to lunch—
Try our Big-Banana-Burger-

Seventeen Banana Burgers™
Topped with every trimming
In a peanut-butter bucket
Filled to over-brimming!

When you reach the pickup window,
Both hands on the wheel!
The parking lot is slippery—
It’s always got appeal!

Enjoy your food and come back soon!
We’re near Peach Pizza Pit™.
Just try Banana Burger™ once—
You’ll never want to split!

1 comment:

  1. ...appeal...
    So cute! You and your poem! (-: