Sunday, January 30, 2011

Giraffe Feeding

I fed a giraffe at the zoo today.
He must have enjoyed what he ate!
He followed me back to my house right away,
Then sat at the table to wait.

I got him a napkin, a placemat, a plate,
A cushion for under his rear,
I cleared out some space so his neck could stay straight,
And took down our big chandelier.

And then I kicked all of my skills into gear,
And made stacks of pancakes so high
That a regular person could eat for a year
And the stack still might stretch to the sky!

The giraffe licked his lips, gave a grin oh-so-sly,
Then he opened his mouth in delight.
Not a moment or three had the chance to go by,
And the pancakes were gone in one bite!

The giraffe gave a burp of magnificent might,
Then he banged on the table for more.
I made them, he ate them—we did this all night!
I wish I could show him the door!

So now here I am at the grocery store
To buy maple syrup—oh heck!
Who knew giraffe feeding would be such a chore!
It’s really becoming a wreck!

Next time at the zoo, I had best double-check
Before I go feeding some mammal.
’Cause feeding giraffes is a pain in the neck!
I’m better off riding the camel!

1 comment:

  1. Your first mistake was a "cushion for under his rear"! Too accommodating! I bet the pancakes are in Star Wars shapes. Maybe he'll go when he's full.I CAN'T WAIT to see you riding the camel!(-;