Sunday, January 9, 2011

Camping Gear

Getting out my camping gear, 
Looking for my tent. 
Gotta find my fishing rod, 
One that isn’t bent.   

Got my thermal underwear, 
Got my blanket roll. 
Found my iron skillet 
And my campfire cookin’ bowl.   

Here’s my mega-flashlight 
That vanquishes the dark. 
Here’s my book on how to cook up 
Acorns, roots, and bark.   

Found it all so quickly! 
Can’t believe my luck! 
Pick up every bit of it, 
Toss it in my truck.   

Holding my receipt in hand, 
Driving to the mall. 
Man, do I hate camping gear! 
Must return it all!

1 comment:

  1. ...but acorns, roots, and bark...oh nevermind!
    Got this for Christmas, huh? From people saying, "You're gonna LOVE this! THIS is so YOU!"