Sunday, January 30, 2011


Come on down to Pencilvania!
See the Fighting Pencils!
Watch them play their rival team,
The Stencilvania Stencils!

Watch our guys in yellow
As they suit on up and head out.
Up and down the field they run,
Just tryin’ to get the lead out.

First the Lineman runs the line,
He’s followed by the Tracer.
One wrong move’s a penalty
That brings in the Eraser.

If it starts to rain a bit,
They roll on out the tarp.
They keep on playing anyway—
That’s how they stay so sharp!

So make a point of visiting!
We’ll mark your place for you.
And learn the Fighting Pencils’ cheer:
“We’re Always Number 2!”

1 comment:

  1. Oh Andy, this poem is way good! What a FUN use of personification! LOVE all the comparisons to football. And that final "twist": "Go Fighting Pencils...we LOVE being #2!"