Saturday, July 29, 2017

Side Effects May Include

You may develop headaches which will last for several hours. 
You may break out in tiny hives before your daily showers. 
A ring of greenish suction marks may show up on your tongue. 
Your nose may tingle slightly at the scent of ferret dung. 
A prejudice may cross your mind against select Norwegians. 
You may imagine rows of ants along your nether regions. 
You'll either feel extreme fatigue and loss of appetite,
Or else your eyes will see through space and time with super-sight. 
Your face may swell to seven times its customary size. 
A tribe of angry polka dots may colonize your thighs. 
But once your spleen grows back and all your taste buds have stopped twitching,
Then if this drug does what it should, your armpit should stop itching!

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