Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Chosen One

You are the chosen one, legends have told,
Prophecies, scriptures, and ballads of old,
All have foreseen, and the fates must obey—
A champion rises this glorious day!
A leader who strives from his humble beginning
To fight the good fight until justice is winning.
A warrior bold as the winds from the north
To size up the challenge and bravely set forth.
A man wise as ages, in spite of his youth,
Who sees beyond vision and knows beyond truth.
When forces of chaos bring dark disarray,
He hesitates not, but leaps into the fray!
The moment’s upon us — this fight must be won!
By all that is sacred, the deed must be done!
The chosen one acts without batting a lash.
It’s you, my dear son — now please take out the trash!

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