Sunday, June 28, 2009

Career Day

Today we had career day.
That’s a special day, you see,
Where everybody tries to pick
The job that they should be.

A doctor showed us how to look
Inside a patient’s throat.
A captain showed us fishing nets
And how to steer a boat.

A mailman showed the quickest way
To make the doorbell chime.
A pale man talked for hours
About how to be a mime.

A lady with a tiger showed us
What you shouldn’t do
If animals get angry
While you’re working at the zoo.

A chef showed off a recipe,
A farmer showed her crops.
The janitor came out
And showed us how to clean the mops.

I sat and listened quietly,
I paid such good attention,
Yet never heard the job I want
Get even half a mention!

My dream job, the ideal career
I’d love forevermore—
Just dancing in a chicken suit
Outside the grocery store!

1 comment:

  1. Why am I smiling? Look there, in my mind's eye!