Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Swooping down above the sidewalk, quick to offer aid, 
Helping every insect who’s in danger or afraid, 
Freeing captive caterpillars, guiding wayward slugs, 
Super-Buggie-Girl is quite a hero to the bugs.

Though she seems mild-mannered, all her strengths and powers double 
If she should spy a crawly critter trapped in toil or trouble. 
Marvel as she catches bees and sets them free outside! 
Wonder as she coaxes ants to leave the playground slide!

Ladybugs stuck in the attic on a summer’s day 
Find themselves collected and sent sweetly on their way. 
Worms trapped on the sidewalk as the rains pour down above 
Sigh as they’re transported to the grass with care and love.

Some might think her deeds are minor, her heroics small, 
But bugs like me are grateful that she looks out for us all.


  1. And the "Humanitarian Poet Award" goes to Andy! In "Super-Buggie-Girl's" honor, I drove my adorable basement mice to a nice cornfield in Lakeville...Nice-Ol'-Rodent-Lady.

  2. Aww. I've been known to wander the neighborhood after a rainstorm so I could transport the worms from the sidewalk to the grass. I hate to see them get dried up!