Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Ending

Cinderella wanted to be happy evermore;
She called and placed an order at the Magic Helper Store.
They sent a Fairy Godfather to chase away her blues.
He made the girl an offer that she couldn’t quite refuse.

He said, “You’re feeling down, and that’s a problem I can solve.”
He told the princess, “Cindy, dear, you need to de-evolve.”
He raised his magic wand, there were some magic words he said,
Then brought the magic down on top of Cindy’s royal head.

He made her a gorilla with a big old ripe banana,
Then made himself a monkey with a crown-shaped red bandana.
So Cindorilla ran off with her brand-new monkey prince.
They swing and play and groom each other—happy ever since.


  1. You get at least half of the "Happy Points" for the name CINDORILLA alone!

  2. Thanks! That's actually the reason I wrote it. That name came to me on my morning pillow--the poem was done in my head before I got out of the shower.