Sunday, June 21, 2009

Youcan the Toucan

He flies through the jungle repeating one word—
It’s Youcan the Toucan, a fabulous bird!
He doesn’t hawk cereal, that’s not his game;
Just flies through the jungle repeating his name.

And oh how he shouts it, the heights that he reaches,
When called on to give motivational speeches.
“YouCAN!” he calls out as the rainforest glistens.
“YouCAN!” he shrieks loudly—but nobody listens!

First I-Know the Rhino he spots from up higher.
He swoops down to greet him and tries to inspire.
“YouCAN!” squawks the Toucan; “I Know” says his friend.
It's how their talk starts, and it’s how it will end.

Next Youcan discovers old Later the Gator,
A cranky old swamp-dwelling procrastinator.
“YouCAN!” the bird tells him; the gator delays.
He grumbles “Uh, Later,” his favorite phrase.

So Youcan flies off, just a little dejected,
He’s trying to help, but he’s always rejected!
And though he is sure it will all go the same,
He flies down to talk to the owl with no name.

“YouCAN?” he asks meekly, unsure if it’s true.
The owl thinks it over, then answers him: “WHO?”
YOUcan!” squawks the Toucan, “YOUcan!” the bird bleats,
But the owl just asks “WHO?” and the cycle repeats.

And so they’re still there, in their high-perched location,
Continuing on in their one conversation.
Just Youcan the Toucan and no-named old owl
Inspiring each other, in fair times or fowl.