Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Workshop

Are you lonely?  Need some pals? 
Bored with your stuffed animals? 
Come on down to Chargem Mall— 
Our plush workshop's got it all!   

Choose your color, choose your style, 
Soft and mean, or sweet and vile. 
Grab some eyeballs, two or three, 
How 'bout seven—heck, they're free!   

Try out several shapes of paws 
Capped with talons, nails, or claws. 
For its hair, there's bugs or bows, 
Choose your ears and pick your nose!   

Then it's time to add a voice, 
Let us pick, or take your choice. 
Barks or moos or poem verses, 
Or just random screams and curses.   

Fill it up with fluff and dreams 
'Til it's popping at the seams. 
Top it off with hats or slippers 
Or a pair of scuba flippers.   

And before your work is done, 
Three more eyeballs (just for fun). 
Then go laugh and dance and sing 
With your brand new Build-A- . . . thing.


  1. Forget "clones", this is what the world needs! Jolly good fun!

  2. Boy, and I thought Build-a-*Bear* was fun!