Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beware The Saurus!

Beware of The Saurus, a most fearsome beast.
He’ll make of your writing a frightening feast!
Each word, phrase, or sentence, each stanza or verse,
The Saurus will chomp into something much worse!
You start with a tale of a girl’s lucky star--
The Saurus ensures you won’t get very far!
He snatches your story, and after his theft
A damsel’s charmed gas-ball is all you’ve got left!
The Saurus can’t stand for two people to love--
They’ve got to “esteem” like the heavens above!
You write of a boy who won’t eat all his stuffin’?
Well now he’s a wadding-restrained ragamuffin!
Beware, lest he transform your “dangling clause”
To a “droopy fine print” in his jangling jaws.
And don’t even try writing of an old castle--
The “hoary acropolis” ain’t worth the hassle!
If you meet The Saurus, avoid all this strife!
Keep running--you might just abscond with your substantiality!

1 comment:

  1. ...and I surely do want to keep my substantiality. He's scary!