Friday, January 3, 2014

Sofa Day

A year has passed!  It’s come at last!
The best day of the year!
Hip hip hooray!  It’s “Sofa Day”!
I can’t believe it’s here!

On this fine day, I sit and stay,
Foregoing baths or showers.
I contemplate and meditate
And vegetate for hours!

A day of rest for the oppressed--
It’s sacred to my people.
This fluffy couch on which I slouch
Is chapel, pews, and steeple.

Go cut the grass?  I’ll have to pass,
No matter how it’s grown.
On “Sofa Day,” the scriptures say
I must be left alone.

I only eat here in my seat.
Just pizza, ice cream, chips.
To ease my soul, remote control
Stays at my fingertips.

All day TV!  A day for me!
A day for sofa smooshin’!
I may not move out from the groove
I’ve worn into the cushion.

O, foam and wood!  “Sofa So Good!”
If only you could stay!
Why must this fest of snacks and rest
Be just one single day?

Alas, I fear it’s once a year,
This day I’ve long deserved!
At least tomorrow soothes my sorrow:
“Sofa Day--(Observed)”.

1 comment:

  1. We wouldn't like doing this every day, but the day (or two) that we do, is delicious! (and deserved.)