Sunday, January 19, 2014

Superb Owl

We’re having a party!  I’m thrilled as can be!
I’m so overjoyed I could howl!
My dad left a note--we're all watching TV
To cheer for a new superb owl!

Oh owls are my favorite, and this one sounds great!
No wonder we bought so much food!
There’s pizza and chili and chips on a plate--
I’m getting in owl-watching mood!

I bet he’s quite talon-ted, bet he’s quite smart.
Much wiser than all other fowl.
His standardized tests are the top of the chart--
Hooray for the new superb owl!

Dad’s friends just came over with bottles to drink
And chicken wings fresh from the Colonel.
They might be here late, but that’s okay, I think--
We all know that owls are nocturnal.

I bet he flies silently, stalking the night,
Wide-eyed and alert on the prowl.
No field mouse or shrew can escape his sharp sight!
Three hoots for the new superb owl!

The party just started, they turned on the screen,
My smile was as big as my dad’s!
But my superb owl was nowhere to be seen!
Just big guys with huge shoulder pads!

I blocked the TV with a shout and a scowl,
So Mom sent me upstairs to bed.
This party is stupid--there’s no superb owl!
They’re just watching football instead!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so sorry, kid. It was an honest (and clever) mistake.