Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Gadget

Are you way too busy?  Are you feeling stressed?
I’ve got just the gadget you need!
It’s sure to fulfill your most minor request!
It’s state-of-the art, guaranteed!

It makes you a milkshake!  It mows all your grass!
There’s no better lawn fertilizer!
Throw out your alarm clock, you won’t sleep through class--
It makes you an earlier riser!

You need to send letters, but hate the glue taste?
It moistens your envelopes neatly!
You’ve got lots of problems you haven’t yet faced?
This gadget will listen so sweetly!

Your car will not start?  It just drives you berserk?
This gadget has covered your bases.
Just hop right aboard--you can ride it to work!
Imagine the shock on their faces!

A kitchen aid, office mate, lawn tool, and friend,
Emergency vehicle, too!
It’s sure to spread quickly!  Get in on the trend!
And you’ll just love the sound it makes:  “MOOOOOOOOO!”

1 comment:

  1. Why, I remember when "these gadgets" were very prevalent. Let's all go back, at least to using this pleasant one!