Sunday, January 12, 2014

Melvin's Discount Rhyme

Poets, authors, one and all,
Come down to the Writers’ Mall.
Need some lyrics, pre-perused?
Inspiration, slightly used?
Stop on in and take your time--
Shop at “Melvin’s Discount Rhyme”!
Looking for that special word?
Don’t care if it’s always heard?
Come on down and take a chance,
Pre-owned rhymes to make you dance!
Need a word to rhyme with “maybe”?
Just five dollars gets you “baby”!
Need to praise your lifelong friend?
Ten bucks gets you “to the end”!
Got a poem due tomorrow?
We’ve got rhymes to ease your sorrow!
Got a poem due tonight?
We’re open ’til the morning’s light!
Our used rhymes will make you fly,
Right up high to touch the sky!
They will make your work soar higher,
Fill you with desire and fire!
Come spend every afternoon--
Two-for-one on “moon” and “June”!
To our customers we’re true,
Pass the savings on to you!
Fill your basket, fill your arms,
Revel in our rhyming charms!
All the rhymes you know you love,
Sure as all the stars above!
But no meter to go with ’em--
That’s at “Joey’s Discount Rhythm”.

1 comment:

  1. YES, poems about their inner workings. I want to go to "Joey's Discount Rhythm", too!