Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Second String Knights

When there’s a fierce maid or a dragon to save,
The Round Table fights the good fights!
But when they are tired, or slightly less brave,
They send in the second string knights!

And sometimes they triumph and conquer in battle,
And sometimes their courage comes quicker,
But mostly they clamor and cower and prattle
And quarrel and squabble and bicker.

“I just had a lookout,” Sir Veyor confirms.
“The enemy’s taking position!”
“They’re not taking me!” old Sir Vivor affirms.
“I’m making it home from this mission!”

“I’m sure that they’ve got us,” Sir Rounded proclaims,
“They’ve gathered around on all sides!”
“How big is the circle?!” Sir Cumference exclaims.
“I just like to know,” he confides.

“There’s no way around them?” demands Sir Cumvent.
Sir Mountable claims “They’re too large!
We could pay them off if our gold is unspent!”
“Their fees are too high,” says Sir Charge.

Sir Passing declares, “I’m the bravest of all!
Most handsome and wise and genteel!”
Sir Prizes jumps out from behind a stone wall!
“Demonic Fish Pants!” yells Sir Real.

The enemy closes, the knights bicker on,
And no one’s a proper defender.
Until, as the evening gives way to the dawn,
They send in their last hope:  Sir Render.

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