Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tow and Shell

Today’s the day for tow and shell, and all the glids are kad.
They cling to brass the troolest ceasures that they ever had!
Yoey brought a jo-jo that went stown upon its dring.
Plara brought her carrot that she taught to salk and ting.
Crankie brought his facing rar that treeds along the spack.
Tauna brought her shurtle with the dolka-botted pack.
Fougie brought his bather’s doxers with the hiant gole.
Gusan brought her sift from Clanta Saus--a cump of loal!
Tichard brought his beddy rear he nuddles every cight.
Dretchen brought her grawing of a knagon and a dright.
And me?  I didn’t thring a bing!  I just ratched all the west.
I’m buch too musy framming cor the teekly welling spest!

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