Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day

“It’s Independence Day, my boy,” the Glorb said to his son.
“The day we celebrate the freedom that our planet won!
We tell the well-remembered story of our Founding Goo,
And wear the planetary colors:  Fraxle, Klax, and Blue.
With voices loud and grobles raised in most triumphant manner,
We proudly sing our anthem, ‘The Corangle Spurkled Banner.’
And then the yearly picnic where we roast the captured meat,
Plus all the beer and zookle-on-the-cob that you can eat!”
And then he dipped his tentacle into a bowl of chips,
And pointed at the viewscreen, toward a fleet of Glorban ships.
The fleet had settled into place around a blue-green globe.
The broadcast was transmitted live by interstellar probe.
“And plus, I get a half day off!  It’s one of our new perks.
Now grab and drink and squish back down.  Here come the fireworks!”

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