Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nature Walk

Pine cone, pine cone, on the tree,
Do you have a wish for me?
Pebble, pebble, on the ground,
Do you know where love is found?
Flower, flower, blooming bright,
Take the wrongs and make them right.
Birdie, birdie, on my head,
Please go somewhere else instead.
Snaily, snaily, on my shoes,
Thanks for that long trail of ooze.
Pollen, pollen, on the breeze,
Here comes yet another sneeze!
Rain cloud, rain cloud, pouring down,
Still another mile to town!
Puddles, puddles, on the street,
Splashing through to soak my feet.
Front door, front door, now in view!
Do you know how I love you?
Scream that’s heard both far and wide--
House keys, house keys, locked inside.

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