Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Carnivore

We’re going back to school tonight,
Although the day is done.
We’re going back to school tonight
To have a lot of fun!
The teacher gave out passes
And she said what they are for.
Two hours after classes,
It’s the yearly Carnivore!
Though other kids may flee it,
Might pass out or just go pale,
I just can’t wait to see it!
Giant teeth and thrashing tail!
The teacher gave us tickets,
And she said there will be rides!
Be careful not to kick its
Spiky armor on the sides!
My friend won prizes at a game
At last year’s Carnivore.
I’m practicing my pitching aim
For “Dunk the Dinosaur.”
I heard there will be funnel cake,
And frozen ice cream treats.
That might give it a tummy ache--
It’s better off with meats.
The Carnivore!  It sounds so rad!
I’d better go prepare!
It sure beats what my last school had--
Just some old boring Fair.

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