Sunday, August 16, 2009

Counting Sheep

I stayed awake all night again,
I couldn’t fall asleep.
It just was too exciting
Counting all those awesome sheep!

One sheep was black, one sheep was white,
Three sheep were forest green,
And one sheep was the brightest shade
Of gold I’ve ever seen!

Eleven sheep sailed by skis
And leapt across the gates!
Two sheep bounced by on pogo sticks,
Four sheep on roller skates.

One sheep sang songs, another drummed,
With two sheep on guitar.
One sheep played mini-golf
And managed six strokes under par!

A super-sheep with wool of steel
Flew down from clouds above.
It rescued a reporter sheep;
They swiftly fell in love.

And all the while the background sheep
Kept marching side by side,
They bleated ever louder
As their numbers multiplied.

The sheep all entertained me
From my head down to my socks.
Next time I need to fall asleep,
I’ll count a cardboard box.

1 comment:

  1. A Super-sheep with wool of steel, no wonder you are tired! You are gifted with a singular imagination, that will NEVER come in a cardboard box!