Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Up In The Sky!

With the wind beneath my costume
And the world below my cape,
I’m the hero of my city!
Trim and toned, in perfect shape!

Not a bullet passes through me,
Not a freeze-ray frosts my face.
Every hair upon my perfect head
Falls neatly into place.

Oh my powers are outstanding
And my strength beyond compare!
Every bad-guy, crook, and villain
Hides and trembles in his lair!

All the crime completely crumbled
In the days since I arrived.
Only peace, goodwill, and mercy
Are the virtues that survived.

So I proudly watch my people
From the skies I’ve often soared.
They’re so helpful, kind, and caring,
And so perfect . . . I’m so bored!

1 comment:

  1. Awwe, I really like this one! If "Hero" has the power to transcend time, he should go get "un-bored" in 1933 Chicago. They NEED him! (-: