Sunday, August 30, 2009

Game Night

It’s game night once again, hooray!
We always have such fun!
I’ve got to read directions first,
So listen, everyone!

The object of the game is simply
Be the first to win.
You have to roll eleven times
Before you can begin.

If you land on a space marked “Card,”
You draw one from the stack.
You do the thing it says to do,
Then quickly put it back.

Unless the card says “Triple Card”—
Then draw three more and wait.
You give these out to other players
That you really hate.

If you get stuck on “Lose a Turn,”
You’re trapped beneath a dome.
There’s no way you can win now,
So you might as well go home.

The play continues to the right,
Unless you hit “The Snag.”
Then all the pieces and the dice
Go back into the bag.

A “Challenge” space is really hard,
That’s where you have to fight.
You and the player next to you
Will kick and scratch and bite.

The winner of the “Challenge”
Gets a chance to roll again.
The loser gets to try out
The First Aid kit in the den.

We play until a player lands on
“Victory Is Sweet!”
Unless that space is missing,
Then we go back and repeat.

So let’s start playing, everyone!
It’s time to start the show!
I sure am glad it’s game night—
Hey! Where’d everybody go?

1 comment:

  1. Your esprit is evident!
    It's all there!
    Ahh yes, I've been to "Game Night"!
    That's why I've already gone home!