Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little Red Robin Hood

Down at the duck pond
He waits in the trees,
Just biding his time
And enjoying the breeze.

He waits ’til he spies them—
A couple with bread!
They’re looking for duckies
Who want to be fed.

They toss out some bread crumbs
With sweet satisfaction,
Then Little Red Robin Hood
Swoops into action.

He has to work quickly,
So nimble and fleet,
To avoid getting trampled
By all those webbed feet.

He pecks up three crumbs
And he flies to the wood.
His eyes dart about
For a chance to do good.

He brings one fat crumb
To a sparrow in need.
She’s got a full nest
And three hatchlings to feed.

The second one goes
To the cardinal’s high perch.
It’s just enough bread crumb
To share with his church.

The third crumb he brings
To his favorite girl.
She’s tall, brown, and fuzzy—
And cute, for a squirrel.

Then he flies off once more,
Never stopping for praise
As he fights for poor critters
The rest of his days.

So the next time you go
To bring duckies a feast,
Toss a couple of crumbs
To the robin, at least.

You may never know
Where he takes your donation,
But critters will thank you
Through all of creation.

1 comment:

  1. Awwe, I love this.
    Of course, the "cardinal" on his high perch, would share with his "church".
    And "Little Red Robin Hood" also has Andy's "twist"!