Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Perfect Wedding

A pig and a panda named Greg and Amanda
Were planning, one summer, to wed.
Said panda to pig, “I’m afraid I’m too big
For my veil to fit over my head!”

“Amanda, my dear,” said the piggy, “it’s clear
That the veil-maker made a mistake.
We’ll return to the shop, they’ll re-measure your top,
Then we’ll go out and pick out a cake!”

So without any pouting, they started their outing
And went to the bridal boutique.
But then, to their dismay, the door said, “We’re away
On vacation the rest of the week.”

“Oh, what will we do?” sighed Amanda, so blue
That she hung her huge head down in sorrow.
“If we don’t have a veil, I’m afraid we will fail
To be ready to marry tomorrow!”

Greg the pig hugged his bride, then his eyes opened wide—
An idea had come over the pig!
“It won’t matter at all if your veil is too small,
For my top hat is slightly too big!

“If we trade them tonight, they will fit us just right.
I can be the first pig-groom in lace,
As long as my bride is right there by my side
With my top hat above her sweet face.”

So that’s just what they did; each one got a new lid.
Neither one was too big or too little.
Then a cake of fine slop with a heart on the top
And a ring of bamboo in the middle.

The next day at the wedding, they kept on forgetting
Which one was the bride or the groom.
They were dressed half-and-halfed, but they danced and they laughed,
And their love made the wildflowers bloom.

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  1. Splendid innovation, courtesy of Andy.
    How, indeed, does the plethora of poems keep flowing?